Mrcio Zaganin

One of the most respected luthier Brazil

Márcio Zaganin

I started professionally as a Luthier in 1989, working in a small instruments factory in Vila Madalena neighborhood SP. However since 12 years old I was interested in woodworking, eletronics and music, influenced by my older brother Fabio Zaganin who already played bass at this time, than to start to tweak on his instrument and get a job in this instruments factory was an easy leap. I worked at this factory until mid-1992.
In 1993, I set up an atelier in my own house where i started paying regulating, renovation and restoration services of vintage instruments. In the same year i began producing my first instruments with my new brand called M.Zaganin. However in 1991 i already had made my first instrument a bass to my brother. At the same time i was called to provide technical assistance to the most importers and distributors of Brazilian instruments Market, working with brands such Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, Yamaha, Warick, Martin, Jackson, Epiphone and many others.
During the 90s between concerts, reforms and technical assistance , i followed building many instruments but my only concern was improve my techiques and develop enough technology to built professional instruments with refined quality, this time i didnt aim any profits coming from my instuments, my only idea and obsession was about quality finish, sound, playability and tuning because quality was an adjective that didnt exist in national instruments at that time and it bothered me deeply. Several musicians friends were guinea pigs during this process of improvement, even though the vast majority always successful. The customers grew up and suddenly i was no longer asked to make guitars and bases only for friends, but for great musicians like Sergio Buss, Andre Cristovam, Celso Pixinga and many others professional and respected musicians from Brazil and abroad. In the 2000s great artists were already using the M.Zaganin brand as Roberto Frejat and Lulu Santos, producers and renowned musicians as Liminha, Serginho Carvalho, Alex Fornari and thus many others kept coming.
In 2004 i was introduced to Ney Nakamura, manager of the musical instruments branch and owner of Tagima brand. Through this meeting a new brand N.Zaganin was born with the ideia of continue with the same concept of M.Zaganin, but right now with more features, technology and structure in order to further improve even more the instruments quality and serve a larger numbers of customers. This way the N.Zaganin continued improving and maintaining the tradition of getting orders from big names like Djavan, Gilberto Gil, Lenine, Chico Pinheiro, Pedro Luiz, PJ-Jota Quest, Champignom, Sydney Carvalho, Thiago Espirito Santo.
In 2006 i was invited to take the product development and production coordination of Tagima brand instruments, taking care of the whole production of Brazil line that is made in the current factory in Brazil and the whole production Tagima Special line, Tagima Acoustic and also the Menphis line built in factories overseas (China). Since then ive had the privilegie to also work with the endorsers team of this brand as : Juninho Afran, Kiko Loureiro, Eduardo Ardanuy, Marcinho Eiras, Arthur Maia, Mozart Mello and others, creating, developing and monitoring the signature production lines that leads these greats musicians names. I also created some new products models such as Infinity Custom models, Millenium, Fusion and T-six, Modena and every Tagima Premium line. Im currently working on new releases for N.Zaganin and Tagima, always concerned to offer musicians custom shop instruments or even a excelente cost benefit instruments that translate my obstinate pursuit of extreme finish quality, sound, playability and tuning.